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Don't be fooled by  the sleek silver and blue upholstery of the MCB880M, this is a bench for those wanting to lift some serious weight at home. 

The TSA5762 benefits from a striking new design, incorporating the bench and smiths machine into one solid piece of equipment.  Suitable for both olympic and standard plates, this attractive half smith system also incorporates a leg developer, preacher curl pad & curl bar.




The MP2500 is both stunning and innovative, the first Marcy gym to include a low pulley station at the side of the gym to save exercise space, as well as dual action press arms allowing for bench, shoulder and incline pressing actions and independent motion pec fly arms.

A great piece of equipment for those looking to pump some serious iron! Can be used alone for it's walk in squat facility or in conjunction with any weight bench programme.

With an impressive 160kg maximum weight capacity the SR50 can accomodate both 6ft and 7ft standard and olympic bars


A mixture of design and innovation. A high quality piece of equipment which includes pec-dec and lat pull down attachments as well as commercial grade press bar and safety catches.







The MP3500 is a fantastic new multigym - totally unique on the domestic fitness market - comprising all of the features of the MP2106 with an additional station situated at the side of the multigym featuring an adjustable inner/outer thigh trainer.

The MP3500 offers a 65kg vinyl weight stack and provides a maximum resistance of 92kg. With an adjustable padded seat and backrest with additional lumbar support together with a pivoting footplate, this multigym system combines safety with additional comfort.


  • Heavy Duty Seated Multigym
  • Adjustable Chest Press Station
  • Full Range Motion Butterfly Station
  • Box Stitched Padded Adjustable Seat & Backrest With Lumbar Support
  • Seated Row, Leg Developer And Abdominal Crunch
  • Lateral Pulldown, High Pulley, Low Pulley And Pivoting Footplate
  • Accesories Include: Lat Bar, Tricep Bar, Ankle Strap And Abdominal Crunch Strap
  • Printed Exercise Sheet

Height Width Depth
210cm 180cm 190cm
Weight 155.00Kg
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